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Remanufacture Process

Since 1994 Concept has extended the lives of thousands of Copiers and MFD's through its Remanufacturing Centre by selecting the most popular and reliable models and targeting them for Remanufacture at its facilities in Aberdeen and Glasgow.

The investment in the Remanufacturing facilities reflects the company's commitment to limit its impact on the environment by extending the life of hundreds of machines each year.

Concept's Remanufactured machines are virtually indistinguishable from a new machine as far as appearance, output quality and reliability are concerned.  Each machine comes with the same guarantee and warranty as with a new machine and they feature the latest versions of all necessary software and all the latest modifications available from the original manufacturer of the device.

All machines are disassembled to a very high degree.  Panels are removed and undergo repair if necessary and refinishing.  Major sub-assemblies such as image process unit, paper feed/transport units, document feeders, duplex units, etc, are removed from the main frame.  After disassembly, both the chassis and subassemblies of each machine are cleaned using air-gun dust removal technique followed by hand cleaning.

The final production stage includes the reassembling of the unit, powering up and test running.  At this stage we would carry out image quality adjustments, registration adjustments and also test the paper path through prescribed paper runs, any anomalies that may occur at this stage are corrected, thereafter all panels are fitted and a final cosmetic check is carried out.

Christopher Boyle, Remanufacturing Production Manager, for Concept Group says ,"Companies are continually looking for ways to make their budgets go further and meet environmental standards.  In extending the life of office equipment, Concept customers can now benefit from competitively priced high quality remanufactured equipment, while limiting their impact on the environment".

"Concept began remanufacturing equipment in the early 1990s using the company's technical expertise to provide customers with a quality print solution at a significantly lower cost than a new MFD.  More than 18 years on we are still seeing increased demand for our remanufactured equipment".

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