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S650 - Invu network document management system with workflow

This system has all the benefits of S600 (above) but in addition brings the tremendous advantages of workflow to its users. Workflow is the intelligent routing of any documents around the organisation in a pre-defined, controlled and audited manner. With the ability to apply timescales, priorities and statuses S650 enables full automation of document routing for your key business processes. Users see tasks in their “Worktrays” and are thus prompted to action those tasks. Once actioned, the tasks are automatically sent to the next person and so on. By the use of this feature a whole host of benefits can be derived. Just one of these benefits is that an organisation can see the exact stage of any documents in any given process, e.g. how many invoices are currently on hold.


Office Multifunction Devices

A complete line of Xerox office multifunction printers delivering flexibility and advanced features to print, copy, scan and fax all in one.


Xerox Wide Format

Think wider...Print, Copy Scan. Once again, Xerox widens the world of wide format with full colour and monochrome solutions.

Concept Managed Print

With every aspect of cost under scrutiny in the current climate, it's time to cast a critical eye over your print environment using Concept 360.


Document Management

Stop losing time and money through missing information. Take advantage of one of our intelligent Document Management Solutions.


Take control of your electronic documents and printing costs. Improve your cost efficiency by utlising one of our control software solutions.


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