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Environmental Commitment

Environmental Commitment

We believe that every company and individual has a responsibility to protect the environment whenever and wherever they can. That’s why we strive to work as ethically and sustainably as possible.

While we know businesses can’t stop using paper overnight, we can take steps to ensure waste is kept to a minimum. Here are some of the ways we do this:

Reduced overall print volume

We can save paper, toner and energy by only using what is needed. This will also save time in ordering and replacing cartridges.

Minimising hazardous waste

The use of longer-life consumables reduces the volume of hazardous waste going to landfill.

Duplex printing

Using duplex as the default print setting saves an average of around three tonnes of paper a year. That’s the equivalent of 64 trees.

Saving energy

Our equipment has short warm-up times, uses less energy and has automatic sleep mode. Naturally, it also complies with current environmental and safety standards and carries an Energy Star rating.

Minimising toner usage

Setting the print quality to ‘draft’ can significantly reduce toner usage. The Ecofont typeface, freely available, is designed to use 20% less toner than standard fonts.

Waste toner recycling

While the owner is responsible for getting rid of any waste, we know it has to be a team effort. So we also offer a number of recycling services including cost-effective collection and recycling organised in partnership with a fully licensed waste processor. Other options can be arranged via the Xerox Green World Alliance process. By working together, we can get the job done quicker and meet those green targets.

"Concept Group is one of the handful of UK suppliers that have demonstrated to how to work within a sustainable environment."

Dr Winifred Ijomah University of Strathcylde

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