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Our People & Values

Our People & Values

Our people are what make us.

It’s their vision and creativity that makes our offering so unique. They are industry experts, innovating tailored solutions that work to improve your business.

It’s their drive and passion that delivers the great results our clients look for. Our dedicated employees improve every step of our process, from welcoming new clients to creating a solution for every business and delivering and maintaining the products.

Our employees deliver customer service that matches the quality of our offering.

Because they are so important to us, it’s only natural that at every step of their careers we invest in them. We help our employees fulfil their potential and make the most of professional opportunities by supporting them throughout their journey. Ultimately enhancing the commercial effectiveness and continues to provide results that we and our clients can benefit from.

Our values are what set us apart.

We’re agile in our process and in the service we deliver. We’re innovative and make sure we’re always there to support you, service your devices and keep your business ticking along.

We create strong working relationships with our clients and work closely to improve the way their business runs. We’re passionate about our service and the way we deliver it. Ensuring you know our care and interest for your business is always genuine.

We don't hold ourselves back when it comes to providing solutions. We’re forward thinking, innovative and constantly breaking ground to bring our clients the best solutions we can. We’re pioneering.

Our dedication is second to none. We won’t present a solution unless we know it’s the best we can do. We’re on the other end of a phone to make sure everything’s running smoothly. We’re committed to being the best we can be, and the best we can be for you.

Our Aberdeen based client wanted to control their print costs, reduce their environmental impact and improve their document management process. After working together and analysing their printing habits, we soon realised that they would need a software solution. Being part of Xerox and having access to their services, we were able to roll out the Xerox Print Safe Suite installed on MFP, allowing them to monitor printing behaviour and secure pull printing to be provided. This meant that when employees pressed "print" they had to release the job, reducing the chance of the print job being forgotten and wasting resources. As a result of this their print volumes and costs have reduced dramatically along with the overall paper waste.

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