OL Accounts Receivable Solution

Data Capture & Processing

Smarter Accounts Receivable – Reduce costs with flexible processes and electronic delivery.

Lower your per-invoice cost. Modify invoice templates on demand. Send electronic invoices and documents. Reduce time spent on customer enquiries and disputes.

With OL Accounts Receivable Solution you can improve your accounts receivable processes without upsetting your organisation:

  1. Go Digital – Before you drastically change the way you communicate with clients, start by digitizing your in-house processes. The transition will go more smoothly.
  2. Give Better Customer Service – Make sure you keep client information up-to-date and quickly available to provide better service.
  3. Make Your Information More Reliable – Automatically check the integrity of the most critical data on your invoices.
  4. Reduce The Days Sales Outstanding – Be proactive managing your cash flow.
  5. Gain Flexibility With A Middleware System – Gradually eliminate the manual steps causing the most errors.


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