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Concept 360

Concept 360

Concept 360 enables you to take control by analysing usage and increasing efficiency within your business.

Allowing you to gain a better understanding of your infrastructure that improves effectiveness to get your company ahead in the game.

The 360 print flow analysis aims to find a way that works best for you by undertaking an audit of how your devices currently work and monitors how they are utilised within a particular time frame.

Using marketing leading applications to discover the facilities and costing of the current print infrastructure with the intent to create efficiencies and facilitate cost savings.

The information we gather from this process gives full transparency on how your processes work for you allowing us to gain a full understanding and how we can create a solution best for you.

360 Benefits include:

  • Transparency
    360 makes it easy for others to see what actions are performed - ensuring openness, communication, collaboration and accountability.
  • Detail
    It allows us to drill down into costs, volumes and green calculations - every detail can be accounted for.
  • Visual
    To make everything as clear as possible, we use floorplans to visually portray both your current set ups and our recommended changes.
  • Interaction
    You’ll be involved in the 360 analysis from the start and we’ll build your future solution together. We can incorporate the costs as we go and have found that this works incredibly well.
  • Total Cost of Ownership - Future Costs
    We build a TCO of current equipment including any consumables, lease and reoccurring costs. We can also include amortisation of purchased equipment, which can be calculated for any future state we are creating.
  • Green Calculation
    The green calculation considers power consumption, CO2 emissions, electricity costs and number of trees. This calculation can be done for current and future devices and a comparable given.
  • Accuracy
    Because of the detail that we go into, accuracy is guaranteed. All information used is based on averages as inconsistencies such as volume data, can change.
  • Professionalism
    The software allows for the clear and concise data to be stored in one place along with the map assets on a handheld device as the team reviews the locations of every device within your business.
A Glasgow based firm were looking to reduce their annual printing spend, with the help of Concept 360 and the level of depth it provides they were able to see and benefit from a 35% decrease in expenditure.

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