Concept Thermal Fever Screening

Thermal Fever Screening

Thermal Fever Screening

Instantly detect elevated skin-surface temperatures in visitors and employees within your business with an accuracy of up to ± 0.5°C.

With the use of thermal cameras, IR radiation is converted into grayscale values and matches to temperature values through an algorithm model.

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High Accuracy

Using AI human body algorithms, register temperatures up to ± 0.5°C accuracy



Automatically trigger when a person with a fever is detected.


Quick Detection

Register in real-time, take only 1 second to detect the skin-surface temperature of a person.

Our Solutions

Eco Camera

Easy to use, handheld thermographic camera to detect elevated temperatures in real time on visitors and staff members.

Pro Camera

A portable handheld thermal camera with colour highlight and audio alarms when elevated temperatures are detected.

Tablet Style Fever Scanner

Unattended temperature screening tablet with visual results and audio alarm with ± 0.5°C accuracy.

Plug & Play Tablet Fever Scanner

Unattended tablet including stand, capable of face recognition, temperature screening and can be connected to a card reader.

Airport Style Fever Scanner

Touch free fast access with real-time temperature display and people counting statistics that can operate unattended.

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