Our remanufacturing facilities reflect our commitment to limit our impact on the environment by extending the life of hundreds of machines each year.
Concept Group’s remanufacturing facilities have been in place for over 25 years, significantly extending the lives of thousands of the most popular and reliable MFD’s. We have recently extended the capacity of our remanufacturing facility in line with increased demand, offering clients the option of reduced cost and helping them meet environmental standards.

With facilities in Aberdeen and on the site of the old Singer sewing machine factory in Glasgow, Alan Cameron, Head of Service Operations, employs 5S philosophies and circular economy methodologies within the core remanufacturing process.

“Our clients are continually looking for ways to reduce both budget and environmental impacts. For over quarter of a century we have facilitated this by extending the product life of thousands of MFD’s, providing competitively priced, high quality remanufactured devices, whilst reducing environmental impact and increasing sustainability. All remanufactured devices come with a full “as-new” warranty for their contract term, providing complete piece of mind to the next user.”

“Since we began remanufacturing devices in the early 1990’s we have witnessed an ever increasing demand for these products. In recent years, the demand has increased further with our client’s heightened awareness of global sustainability issues playing a more frequent part in their decision making process.”

Definition of Remanufacturing & Endoresment

Remanufacturing has been defined by the British Standards Institution (BSI) as:
“returning a used product to at least its original performance with a warranty that is equivalent to or better than that of the newly manufactured product.”

Dr Winifred Ijomah, who drew up the BSI definition of remanufacturing, said:
“Over the last 50 years, the expanding population means that we can’t cope with the amount of waste being produced – raw material and landfill space are increasingly scarce and hence more expensive.  I run an MSc programme on Sustainable Manufacturing that naturally has remanufacturing as a core element, and one solely on Remanufacture. I am also involved in transferring remanufacturing knowledge between the EU and China.  Concept Group is one of a handful of UK remanufacturers that I have selected for demonstrating to students and overseas visitors what remanufacture ‘bringing a used product to ‘as-New’ condition with warranty to match’ entails. The quality of Concept Group’s remanufactured products is incredibly impressive and so is a great way for me to teach to students that ‘environmentally friendly’ does not equate to low quality or second-rate. It simply is impossible to tell the remanufactured products here apart from new alternatives and this always amazes my students.”