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Re-manufacturing Process

We’re committed to working sustainably and taking care of the environment. That’s why we work hard to extend the life of hundreds of devices each year.

Concept Group’s re-manufacturing facility on the site of the old Singer sewing machine factory, have been in place for over 25 years, significantly extending the lives of thousands of the most popular and reliable MFD’s. We have recently extended the capacity of our re-manufacturing facility in line with increased demand, offering clients the option of reduced cost and helping them meet environmental standards.

When a device comes to the end of a lease or contract agreement, we make sure it goes through a lengthy process to be re-manufactured to an exceptionally high standard.

Here are the steps we take to make sure a machine can be used again:

  1. We review the device service history to determine its suitability for re-manufacture.

  2. External panels are removed, washed in our ultrasonic bath, then resprayed.

  3. We strip the device down to its core components, individual hardware units are examined, and the technician assesses what needs to be replaced.

  4. The device frame and main assemblies are air-washed to remove all dust and foreign matter.

  5. The device is then fully reassembled, all required parts & consumables are replaced, and the resprayed covers reattached.

  6. The latest software is loaded, and all technical modifications applied.

  7. We make sure all device functionality is checked, tested and adjusted if necessary.

  8. A final quality assurance test is carried out to ensure the highest quality of re-manufacture has been achieved and that the finished product is indistinguishable from a new device.

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Definition of Remanufacturing & Endorsement

Remanufacturing has been defined by the British Standards Institution (BSI) as “returning a used product to at least its original performance with a warranty that is equivalent to or better than that of the newly manufactured product.”We are proud to be fully certified BSI remanufacturer in accordance with Kitemark BS 8887-220:2010.

Still not sure? Hear what an industry expert has to say:

"I run an MSc programme on sustainable manufacturing that naturally has remanufacturing as a core element. I am also involved in transferring remanufacturing knowledge between the EU and China. Concept Group is one of all a handful of UK remanufacturers that I have selected for demonstrating to students and overseas visitors what remanufacture "bringing a used product to "as-New" condition with warranty to match" entails. The quality of Concept Group’s remanufactured products is incredibly impressive and so is a great way for me to teach to students that “environmentally friendly” does not equate to low quality or second-rate. It simply is impossible to tell the remanufactured products here apart from new alternatives and this always amazes my students." (February 2017)

Dr Winifred Ljomah

Director: Scottish Institute for Remanufacture & Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Design and Manufacturing & Editor in Chief: The Journal of Remanufacturing

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