You matter to us.

It's true, we want to deliver the best solution that we can. But we know it's equally as important that you receive great customer service too. Our support departments are dedicated to ensuring that you are taken care of every step of the way.

Concept Connect

Concept Connect runs quietly in the background, linking your equipment with our support systems and services - making sure you’re never stuck.

Analyst Support

Our analysts are here to help you whenever you need it. Logging in remotely, our team will be able to respond quickly, and you’ll experience the same high standard of support wherever you’re based. With our innovative, agile software, we can resolve over 93% of issues first time round and without a site visit, further reducing carbon emissions.

Automated Monitoring

Concept Connect automatically monitors the status of your device, saving you time on tasks such as meter readings, ordering consumables, reducing device downtime by watching for any live incidents and scheduling preventative maintenance to help you keep ahead of any issues.

Connect Apps

Using Connect apps, you can communicate with our Support Desk, order supplies, carry out updates and check the live incident status of your equipment, all from your device. Experience bespoke performance from our Xerox apps and software updates when you need them and benefit from top level security with McAfee software.

Online Customer Portal

Get peace of mind with 24/7 instant access to all your account information and keep track of service activity, billing and usage data including any work carried out on your equipment.

Concept Dashboard

With Dashboards we want to streamline your processes by turning raw data into charts, graphs and other easy-to-read images. Enabling you to check how you’re doing at a glance, saving time to make the important decisions.

On demand access to data

Save time and resources by having 24/7 access to transparent billing and service information, from anywhere and at any time.

Customisable security

Keep client and staff information protected with added control and flexibility. Decide who has access to which specific areas of information.

Real time data

Keep an eye on the performance of the fleet with updated data every 15 minutes.

Large amounts of data displayed in one place

Save time by gathering information in one place for review and making it easy to comprehend.

Drill down into detail

Dashboards allow you to get to the heart of the information, so you won't lose sight of the finer points.

Export data to csv

Use the findings in your own way for your own reports, so you have total flexibility and control when sharing them with other team members.

Monitor device use

Check up on how your equipment is being used and make the call when you need to switch up some devices.

Compare time periods

Check in on mono/colour ratio and identify increases or decreases in volume in comparison to previous quarters and financial years etc.

Xerox Knowledge Base

A central base for all things Xerox.

Still unsure? Contact us on or call 0345 646 0184.


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No problem at all. Our service team will be happy to help. Just contact them on to order and pay. Find out more about Concept Connect here.


Our accounts team handle invoices and you can drop them an email or call 0345 241 2268 and they will assist you.


Of course, our Print Room will be able to help you on or call 0345 646 0204.


Our service team will be able to help with this, just get in touch at or call 0345 646 0184.


For less than 5 devices: You can get free returns labels for you to send back to Xerox. Just click here to Xerox Green World Alliance.

For more than 5 devices: We'll drop off a collection box for your team to use. Once it's full, UPS will be able to collect it and send back to Xerox. For more info click here or email our service team on

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