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Milk supplier digitises outbound mail to get invoices out in time whilst saving on cost

Saving time, supporting flexible working and reducing cost with Xerox MailaDoc Hybrid Mail.

“Using Xerox MailaDoc Hybrid Mail will save our accounting team a significant amount of time in preparing invoices and will help ensure our invoices get out on time. It will also support flexible working as the accounts team no longer have to be in the office to send invoices.”

– Tony Baldwin, Managing Director at Hanover Dairies

About the Client

Hanover Dairies operates throughout the Northeast, Northwest and Scotland to deliver fresh produce, straight from local farms direct to their customers' doorsteps. Serving homes, businesses, retail, schools and offices, the company operates from a number of strategic depot locations.

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The Challenge

Manual outbound mail processes posed a risk to the business

Recognising that their current manual outbound mail processes were inefficient and expensive, Hanover Dairies needed to implement a hybrid mail solution that could improve how they send invoices and other critical business documentation.

Generating approximately 70,000 invoices per year, the accounts team were struggling on a weekly basis to send out mail within the necessary timescales. Delays in sending invoices had the potential to have a significant impact on operational cash flow.

The Solution

Taking the complexity and cost out of managing outbound mail

Following an initial consultation, the Xerox MailaDoc Hybrid Mail solution was recommended. Xerox MailaDoc Hybrid Mail takes the unnecessary cost and complexity out of managing outbound mail.

The Hanover Dairies accounts team creates documents and sends them via a secure digital platform to Xerox Mailadoc to be printed, prepared for physical delivery and sent out through Royal Mail. The hybrid mail solution reduces the time it takes to create and send invoices and supports flexible working by no longer requiring staff to be in the office to send invoices.

The Result

Significant time and operational cost savings

Once the pricing matrix, template design and process were agreed with Hanover Dairies, 3,000 invoices were successfully processed as part of the pilot to prove the concept before full implementation. Hanover Dairies has realised significant time savings and reduced the burden on their accounts team.

Consumable and operational costs have been considerably reduced and it is estimated that they will achieve processing cost savings of £26,909 per annum and a 44% reduction in monthly costs. Following the success of the hybrid mail implementation, exploratory discussions have led to Xerox supplying the client's print hardware and potential use of hybrid mail for their marketing campaigns.

Gear icon with connectors flowing off to the left The Challenge

  • Business generates approx. 70,000 invoices per annum that were posted manually

  • Accounts team were struggling on a weekly basis to meet invoicing timescales

  • Current process was inefficient and expensive

Lightbulb icon The Solution

  • Better outbound mail processes with Xerox MailaDoc Hybrid Mail

  • Faster delivery of time-sensitive communications

  • Provide an audit trail for better visibility

Graph trending upwards, with a gear above it The Result

  • Estimated processing cost savings in year one of £26,909

  • 44% reduction in monthly processing costs

  • Significant time savings realised, reducing burden on accounts team

  • Invoices can be created and mailed from any location

  • Reduced operational and consumable costs

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