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A Vision for Paperless Working Realised at Soper BMW

BMW Group UK and Soper of Lincoln joined forces with mstore expertise to review solutions for internal processes and communications to deliver improved productivity and efficiencies.

Close collaboration delivered clarity on requirements, ensured effective integration with manufacturer platforms and dealer management systems including CDK Drive, and discovered where wider improvements could be made.

The Challenge

Strategic partners for digital transformation

  • Remove the escalating cost of producing, storing, archiving and destroying paper documents

  • Eliminate immeasurable cost to productivity of reliance on paper

  • Address obligations around the GDPR and compliance

  • Support drive towards sustainability

"I wanted to do it properly so I opted to work in partnership with a provider who understands document management. Someone turns the lights on, and that’s when the cogs start whirling. They’re intelligent people which fills me with confidence, so I have no doubt that it will deliver what it says on the tin."

– Andrew Tullie, MD of Soper

The Solution

Inspiring positive change

  • mstore platform replaced paper-based working

  • Kanban inspired digital job board replaced T card system

  • Single platform across the dealership including aftersales, HR, affinity

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"I’m saving one person per year simply to chase sales paperwork. It’s changed the dynamic in the sales process to be more proactive and thorough than before. We can be better, smarter and make the job more interesting.I anticipate benefits in the longer term to reallocate resource and become better at something else. Storage costs go, offices become tidier, communications flow easier, and we’re bringing our workplace into the 21st century.”

– Andrew Tullie, MD of Soper

The Results

Delivering impressive ROI

  • Massive productivity improvements

  • Increased accuracy for audit-readiness

  • Inspired process improvements and positive behaviour

A rapid return on the retailer’s investment with the net ROI over 7 years is expected to be over £300,000.

"There’s huge efficiency savings which will be immeasurable. The knock on in addition to efficiency savings will be solid GDPR compliance, more efficient audit processes including remote auditing, and dealer manufacturer health checks.”

– Andrew Tullie, MD of Soper

Now it's your turn to

Make a Digital Transformation

Let’s talk about your digital journey to more efficient ways of working.

electonic document management

Document management

Going digital can start with replacing your most clunky paper-based processes, helping you become more efficient, flexible, secure and audit-ready, as well as more sustainable.

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